Toxic Carnival: Loose Ends

Hi all,

Just wanted to wrap up some loose ends from the weekend. We’ve had a couple of links trickle in over the past few days, and I wanted to make sure that they got shared (and bookmarked) here.

Also, a special congratulations is in order to Dr. Rubidium. Her terrific post on succinylcholine was the featured post over at gizmodo for part of the weekend. I’m extremely proud of her and feel very fortunate that her post was a part of this carnival!

I am planning on writing up my thoughts on the blog carnival tomorrow.

Here are the links that have come in:

1) Neurodynamics Leigh shared a fantastic post that was written in 2010 describing toxic potency and therapeutic index. It is a very instructive piece that can help a lot of newcomers better understand how toxic effects are measured.

2) Evolving Health There has been a ton of coverage lately on the toxicity of fructose. David shares his thoughts here and includes an interview with John Sievenpiper who was the lead author of several recent articles of fructose’s effects on human health.

3) The Poison Garden John came back for more fun over the weekend. He has added a post on thujone, the active ingredient in wormwood, which finds its way into Absinthe. Great read! Check it out!

4) Chemical Space Finally … it seems that no party is complete without a little alcohol chaser. David does the job here and gives a little history and complexity on one of our favorite toxic molecules, ethanol.

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3 Responses to Toxic Carnival: Loose Ends

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  2. sammy says:

    finally….good article. :)

  3. Jamie Salcedo says:

    The toxicology post you linked to is is really interesting! The info on therapeutic indices is especially interesting. I’ll send this post and that one to my friend who’s considering becoming a forensic toxicologist. thanks!

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