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Much ado about CO2!
(part 3 of 5)

Poking the Policy Bear… In our first post we discussed the general issues of carbon dioxide(CO2), climate change and stated the dire need for new technologies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. We followed with a more positive second post that illustrated how a massive effort could succeed in converting another inert gas nitrogen(N2) into useful chemicals. Before we delve into some of the emerging technologies for carbon sequestration and conversion, we thought it appropriate to look at our nation’s past and current climate change policy as well as the international policies in place. When I started researching U.S. and global policy on CO2 I thought that I’d look up the wording of some major bills, find out which agencies are involved and try to quantify how much funding is going where. I figured I would then bundle up all of this information into a concise and cleverly worded report … Continue reading

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