My favorite reactions!

Hi all,

For those of you who didn’t know (and I did a horrible job of broadcasting this at the time), my post last week (The Maillard Reaction was written for a blogging carnival set up by C&E News. My friend Rachel, the C&E News community online overlord, had the brilliant idea to get all of the chemistry bloggers writing about their favorite reactions as a way to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry.

And now, all of those carnival posts have been aggregated in a really terrific, stand-alone post by another friend, pharmacology professor and blogger for C&E News, David Kroll.

I encourage you all to go and check out all of the posts in the carnival feed. There are many enjoyable entries.


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One Response to My favorite reactions!

  1. Matt, you give me too much credit. I may have had the “brilliant” plan to get chemistry bloggers writing about a topic. But it was your brilliant idea to have them write about their favorite reactions.

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