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We are a couple of scientists, chemists in fact, and have decided to delve into the world of science policy! It is our opinion that good policy is the direct result of a solid scientific understanding, coupled with clear communication between scientists, policy-makers and the general public. What better way for us to get our feet wet than with our very own blog! Please read our complete Mission Statement

About the editors:

Matthew Hartings is currently an assistant professor of chemistry at American University. His research time, aka not teaching/family-ing time is devoted to the function of metals in the world of biology. He came to American from a postdoctoral fellowship at the California Institute of Technology. Matthew earned his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 2005. Email Matt

Gretchen Keller completed her B.S. at UC Santa Barbara in 2005 and is currently finishing (*fingers crossed) her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology. Email Gretchen

Our Schedule:

In addition to weekly articles on our home page, we will post fun science briefs more frequently on our “Science du Jour” page. So check back often!

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